As a result of the years of work, this man built a ship that is considered a copy of Noah’s Ark

This replica is located in the Maaas River, located in the Netherlands, and for the last 2 years it has surprised their own and strangers who walk through the place.t s owner, Johan Huibers, is a passionate billionaire carpenter who has built the exact replica of Noah’s ark according to the translations of the indications that God gave him in the Bible.

This man worked for 20 years and spent about 1.5 million dollars to complete his project that is now a kind of attraction in his hometown. Johan revealed that he is currently concentrated in the last stage of his project, which is consisting of navigating on the ark to Israel. This idea is not easy to carry out because it needs a strong sum of money to start the trip, so it has started a collection to achieve it. This millionaire is Christian devout, who has read and reread the Bible from genesis to the Apocalypse.

His dream is to bring this literary version of the biblical ark to the earth where God gave Noah’s orders. The problem that Johan faces is that the ark has no candles or engines to be moved. To make the trip he will need trailers and machinery to drag the ark.

He estimates that the cost would be more than 1.3 million dollars. Johan commented in an interview that he wants to go to Israel with his ark because “love the land of God, the country and its people.” The main objective of this man was to take the ark to the 2018 Rio Olympic Games, but did not have enough money to achieve it, so he decided to do it again with Israel in the sights. Do you think it can achieve it?

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