Tears Filled My Eyes When I Saw What Was Written On This Teen’s Prom Dress

When Aubrey Haddon, a senior at Rochelle Township High School, set out to choose her parka outfit, she aimed for something truly extraordinary. Inspired by the 25 Marines who bravely gave their lives between 2010 and 2011 in her Illinois community, Aubrey envisioned a dress that would honor their memory in a beautiful and patriotic way. Her creation, a stunning blue halterneck gown adorned with flowing red and white ribbons reminiscent of the American flag, stood as a stunning tribute to her special night, drawing excitement from all who wore it.

Not only did his dress pay tribute to the Marines, but its design echoed the colors and spirit of the American flag. Red and white ribbons were elegantly interwoven against the background of the blue fork.

Sewing red and white ribbons onto the blue canvas of her dress, Aubrey carefully crafted a symbol of honor and respect. A necklace reflecting the color of the Marine Corps uniform added a touch of edginess to her creation.

As Aubrey prepares to embark on her journey to college with aspirations of studying fashion design, her dedication to preserving memories through her craft remains unwavering. She envisions a future where she can continue to design special occasion dresses that hold deep meaning, like the tribute to her award dress.







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