In the morning, a house was spotted on the beach and no one understood how it got there

Walking along the ocean in El Salvador, the traveler unexpectedly stumbled upon a real villa, standing right in the surf. He came closer, examined the house and even interviewed local residents: it turned out that no one understands how the house could have ended up on the ocean. The story was told by the tourist himself, known online under the nickname Cholopanza (he does not give his name). Seeing the villa, he came closer and even looked around several rooms – it was simply not safe to stay inside longer.

None of the locals knew the history of the house on the beach, the traveler was told that it had been standing there for quite some time. The history of the villa turned out to be much more interesting indeed.

It was already managed to find out by local journalists, who specially went to question the inhabitants of a nearby village. One of the village fishermen said that the villa was originally built on the sand, away from the ocean.

The owners intended to turn it into a hotel. As a result, the unfinished building was abandoned. And it looks like he’ll be standing on the beach until the ocean finishes turning him into sand.


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