A woman in her 80s taught her cats to fetch valuables

An elderly pensioner divorced a house of 65 cats at once, which, in principle, is not so surprising. However, 83-year-old Ruth Grayson got pets with far-reaching goals. A cunning pensioner taught cats to carry valuables from neighbors and got rich for a long time until she was figured out.

Law enforcement officers got on the trail of an enterprising old woman almost by accident. Several of Ruth’s neighbors immediately reported the loss of small, but valuable things, and they began to look after the area.

One day, the shift supervisor noticed a cat running across the road with something shiny in its teeth. He followed the animal all the way to Ruth’s house. Law enforcement officials have established surveillance already specifically for the Grayson house. Over the next few days, they saw dozens of cats constantly bringing some things in their teeth to the pensioners.

The pensioner confessed to everything as soon as she saw law enforcement officers at the door: she really taught cats to bring various shiny and rustling things in exchange for food. Of course, there were enough candy wrappers and other trifles, but more often cats brought valuable things left by neighbors on the tables. Ruth has moved home and neighborhood for the third time in the last two years. In each new house, the cats started anew – the pensioner got rich by tens of thousands of dollars.


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