One of the villagers in Alaska found a letter from sailors in a bottle, which was written in 1969. In it was the following note

A resident of a small village on the outskirts of Alaska found an old bottle in the surf. Inside, a letter was found that Soviet sailors sent back in 1969. Tyler Ivanoff found the bottle when he was hauling out fish nets on the coast. The note inside intrigued the man, but he could not translate the text. Found a strange post. It looks like Cyrillic, I’ll try to find a translator, Tyler wrote on the social network.

Tyler did not immediately open the bottle, he was afraid of damaging the note. As a result, a local junk dealer agreed to open the wax cork, then the men carefully took out the message. The crumpled old sheet was indeed filled with inscriptions in Cyrillic, at the bottom was the date: June 20, 1969.

“Greetings from the Russian Fleet of the Far Eastern Shipping Company. Fleet W.R.H.F. from p/b Sulak. Greetings, whoever finds this bottle, please report to the address of the mountains. Vladivostok-43 V.R.H.F. from the p b Sulak to the entire crew, ”the note stated. The floating base “Sulak” went to sea in 1966, and in 1992 the ship was decommissioned. Most likely, the sailors from the base decided to simply leave a letter as a memory of their service.

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