It’s widely acknowledged that the aptitude of parrots extends beyond human speech mimicry; they possess a remarkable knack for adopting the sounds
When I received an invitation from a girl to visit her smart apartment, I was honestly quite surprised. Just imagine: only 25 square meters!
In a mesmerizing spectacle under the dazzling lights of Asia’s Got Talent, Feng E, a musical prodigy hailing from the vibrant island of Taiwan, took center
The girl named Jessica came to sing and win. She has been singing for a long time and today it is time to appear in the Voice Kids...
Today, there are quite a few competitions designed to identify talented children. Those competitions make us known to many children. Many of them are already singers today.
Music is wonderful when it is compatible with your daily life. But music can touch the most delicate strings of our hearts. And many people can’
According to the grandmother, age does not matter at all for her. He plays with love and cannot imagine his life without a drum. Grandmother is 90 years...
Today, in different corners of big and small cities of the world, we can meet pianos placed outside. Pianos are for passers-by, who can play if they want....
Sometimes during music concerts, such events can happen that can go down in history and remain as a memory. This case is exactly the case when the children...
Age does not matter at all for talented people. Today we will present two talented people, whose age did not prevent them from going out to the skating...