The Beatles has to be one of the most influential bands in the history of music. They are one of the best-selling bands ever, and they have influenced...
Little Hugo Molina, three years old, conquers the Spain’s Got Talent jury and wins this reality show in Spain. He showed that at his young age he is.
It’s easy to overlook what we have and forget to appreciate the benefits we have when we’re young. Most children find it difficult to comprehend the fact that.
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The Golden Buzzer is the dream of every contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. For thirteen-year-old Malakai Bayoh, it meant even more than normal as it was a vindication.
Known as the People’s Princess because of her nurturing and compassionate nature, as well as love for the ordinary citizens, Lady Di will forever be remembered as the.
An 11 year old boy sits down at a piano in a coffee shop in the middle of a busy airport and starts to play. He begins playing...