The jury stopped the boy’s performance not liking his performance

X Factor is one of those projects that exists in many countries his stage is the stage on which many dreams come true or not. Brendan Murray came to present himself to the world with his performance. Little did he know that a few minutes later he would become the symbol of perseverance in the competition and what happened shortly after his speech would lead the boy to the fairy-tale realization of his dreams.

The X Factor UK 2018 Brendan Murray Part 2 Auditions Full Clip S15E02 - YouTube
Brendan went on stage full of great expectations. He did not know what would be waiting for him soon. The boy started singing, his voice spread throughout the hall. After singing for a while, the boy was interrupted by the judge Simon Cowell. He is very strict towards the participants and if he chooses someone, then that participant really deserves it. Simon did not like the boy’s song and interrupted his performance. Simon offered the boy to sing another song.

Simon halts young man then picks him a song that scores 34M views

And this meant that the boy is talented, he just chose the wrong song. Of course, the boy took advantage of that opportunity and after a few seconds started singing another song. And this time his song seemed to silence Simon. He was sitting silently. The boy’s wrong choice could become fatal for him. But he made the right choice and started singing. Other members of the jury also showed with their delighted faces that they liked the boy’s performance; And as we can see, it is very important to choose the right song and music, and why not also the opportunity to choose the right song on stage? The boy sang in such a way that he captured the heart and soul of not only the jury but also the audience. His video was viewed many times on social networks and received many likes.


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