This overweight boy danced so well that everyone called him a master after the dance. In the end it turned out that he really was a choreographer

We have mentioned many times that dancing can have a positive effect on both body and  feelings. Dancing can affect a person’s  inner world. Often people find reasons that prevent them from dancing. However, nothing can stop a person if he has an inexhaustible desire. This will be proved to us today by a young boy who had a big reason not to dance, but he showed with his dance that everything is possible.This young guy has quite a lot of weight. And people have such a stereotype that weight can be a reason for not dancing. People are used to appearing very beautiful on the dance floor, not that the beautiful appearance helps to make the movements easier. When the boy got on the dance floor, everyone thought that the dance would be very funny, but their opinion changed. he was so confident in hismovements that he didn’t even think about the weight issue.

Alejandra Mantinan y Aoniken Quiroga at Canary Islands 2015 Tango Festival 2 - YouTube

Dance master, king of movements, that’s what they call him after the dance number. His movements were very impressive, he confidently broke all stereotypes. And in the end it turned out that he was really the master of the dance, he and his wife were dance instructors, and they continuously surprised the audience with their numbers. Aoniken – that’s how they called the couple, slender dancer Alejandra Mantinyan, had a very beautiful figure and performed excellent movements. The couple is actually very harmonious and the music makes the dance even more wonderful.They both want to make it big in the dance industry. People who were skeptical have now changed their minds. Dancing relaxes very well, and our couple advises everyone who has never danced to try dancing once, you just need to turn on pleasant music and start making movements, the movements can be whatever you want, dance has no limits. Dance is actually a product of boundless imagination. And all those who still think that excess weight can prevent them from achieving dance success, then hopefully, while watching this video, they will change their stereotype and start their own dance show.


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