The little girl sold an apple that cost her 9 dollars. She did it to help her mother.

In a Chinese family, the father passed away and left the wife to live alone with the children. The family lived mainly by selling in the market. A little extra income came from a small apple orchard, which became their only source of income. The mother and her two children picked apples every day and sold them in the local market. The children’s mother could no longer help the children due to her health. 

The little ones started taking care of the family alone. The children collected apples, and the girl took them to sell. It was necessary to collect a lot of money, about 4000 dollars, to take the mother for examination. This was a lot of money, but the girl decided that she must find the money for her mother at any cost. She continued to sell the crops, only to find their price unexpectedly high. To the buyers’ question about their value, the girl calmly answered 9 USD for 1 kilogram. Soon people stopped stopping by her baskets of juicy red apples. An old woman sitting next to her advised Mia to sell apples at the usual price of $1.50 per kilogram. The little girl told him her story. So, about a month passed, the girl completely stopped bringing home money, but she did not want to go back to the previous price, as if hoping for some kind of miracle. Shee couldn’t even believe it when he suddenly heard a man’s voice asking her about the price of apples. Mia hesitated for a moment between telling him a high price or selling them at the regular price for fear of losing the rare buyer. 

But after thinking for a few seconds, she offered a price of $9. To the man’s surprised question, the girl, barely restraining herself, replied that she was very sorry, but she could not sell apples cheaper. Mia was sure that the man would leave immediately, but to her surprise, he continued to stand and look at her. Then an old neighbor approached them, worried about the stranger next to the girl. 

The man asked him about such a high price and in response he heard the story of the girl’s family. After listening to her, he looked at Mia for a long time and suddenly asked her to show them their apple orchard and all the crops. The surprised girl silently brought him home. Seeing the girl’s mother in that condition, he told the young girl that  he is ready to buy the whole crop at the price of 9 dollars per kilogram. Moreover, he left his phone number, promising to help her  mother if she needed it.

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