For the perfect vacation, you can spend your vacation in these houses, which are more than mansions

In the modern world, people are making a number of changes, reaching perfection day by day. And thanks to the amazing ideas of designers and architects, the impossible becomes possible. You can find many mobile homes on the home market. Mobile homes make it possible to enjoy a pleasant vacation anywhere. Today we will be discussing Perch & Nest Farmhouse.

perch and nest roost36 porch and coffee table set

This tiny house is very charming and cozy. Enjoy your stay with family friends or why not also alone.This wonderful mobile home has all the comforts to make you feel safe. The mobile home has a balcony, there are also houses with a second floor. The house has a comfortable kitchen, bedroom and living room.

roost36 in nc interior view from ground floor

You will find necessary items in each room. The initiators of all this were a couple – Tom and Johanna Elsner. They originally designed Roost36 in NC in 2017. They were building for the purpose, which will serve only for family recreation. It didn’t take long for the structure to work.

perch and nest roost36 in nc tiny home single bed nook

And people were attracted by it while it was still half-built. It quickly became very popular. Perch & Nests Roost 36 in NC won Featured Tiny at the NC Tiny House Festival. After that, everyone started enjoying their little vacation right there. The couple is very satisfied with their work and now they have five cabins for rent. And the other cabins are waiting for their tenants. Now it is very fashionable to live in such houses because they are both comfortable and inexpensive.

perch and nest roost36 in nc tiny home queen bed in loft

Such apartments are very suitable for getting away from the noise of the city and enjoying complete relaxation. Now in many countries, people give up the idea of ​​building luxurious private houses and make their lives easier with such houses. they spend the rest of the money for other needs.

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