Seagull steals food from woman and she thinks it’s a sign sent by God

Today, thanks to the advancement of technology, we have the happiness of being able to see and somehow live the experiences of other people through the screens, we know places, landscapes and truly wonderful moments in the lives of others. Such is the case of this young girl named “Angie Thai Kitchen”, a content creator, which is focused on Thai cuisine dishes. Through her Instagram account and her TikTok, she shows her varied and delicious creations, which has earned her a good number of followers around the world. The girl says that after having stood in a long queue, in which she had to wait a few hours to be able to try the delicious cake, she decided to leave the bakery, since it was crowded with customers, and go to a sidewalk near the place, where she found a nice view to be able to share her impression of her acquisition with her followers.

What she and her followers did not count on was that a skillful and fast friend of others was going to make an appearance, who decided to take the tan from her own mouth. longed for cake. To all this the young woman responded in the form of a game that she thought this was a message from the universe. “I’m sure this is the way God and life tell me to stop eating so much and exercise a little more.

” Don’t forget to share this post and leave us your comment for this young content creator who had an experience quite particular but deep down somewhat funny, not many people manage to capture this moment and come out unscathed after the seagull snatched the food from their mouths.

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