He found his father’s old checkbook and became a millionaire with a million dollar inheritance.

You have to accept it; we have all dreamed of one day winning the lottery. It would be nice to wake up and discover that you are a millionaire. What if that really happened? If suddenly one lucky day, your life changes. Well, Exequiel Hinojosa, a middle-aged man knows exactly how he feels. He lives in Santiago de Chile and one day he was sorting his father’s documents until he made a surprising discovery.

Among the pile of papers, Exequiel found an old savings checkbook from his father, which was from the ’60s and ’70s. The initial sum of money that Mr. Hinojosa Sr. deposited was only $173, which at Over the years and thanks to inflation, it grew “slightly”. With the advice of his lawyers and a previous investigation, he discovered that the total savings amounted to one million two hundred thousand dollars. But contrary to what you might think, Exequiel did not leave his job or start enjoying the riches that luck gave him. “I like working, it makes me feel useful and I don’t want to leave,” said the man, “I will use this money to guarantee a good education for my grandchildren and I will buy a small piece of land.

 In this way I will be able to fulfill my dream of building the house I want. And then, as my daughter suggested, I hope I can open a driving school.” Unfortunately, getting the money hasn’t been easy for him. Since it was a very old checkbook, it was necessary to contact the State Defense Council and even the President of the Republic. The checkbook had been absorbed by the state and kept and in order to unlock it it took a long time. But finally he was given a date to receive the money from him, this April 4, and it was when he began to plan his projects for the future. Apparently Hinojosa had to wait a long time to see the search results for him, but in the end luck smiled on him.

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