The Swiss build walls around their houses. Almost all houses have such walls on the sides

Everyone finds an interesting activity for themselves. Photographer Gregory Kolavin found such an interesting occupation for himself. For him, it was a photographic perspective to capture Switzerland without embellishment, as it is seen by ordinary people. As the most typical Swiss urban detail for his project, Gregori chose the soundproof walls that can be found everywhere in Swiss cities. This phenomenon is really unusual for other countries, but it is natural in Switzerland.

And they are not some kind of fences, but actually walls, which sometimes have the height of a two-stored  house. Such walls can be seen here along the perimeter of residential buildings or along the street. Because the urban area of Switzerland is small, therefore the government decided to properly distribute that area. Kolavini took his first photo near the city of Friborg. There, along the route, a nine-meter wall was erected with a door through which passers-by could cross the road․

According to the local residents, initially there were green spaces on the streets, but by the government’s decision, they decided to remove the vegetation from the roads. And concrete and metal walls appeared in their place.  Then the photographer began looking for similar structures to add to his collection.  Local residents shared their impressions with Grigor. for some, the walls have become part of the familiar landscape, while others cannot come to terms with this  view of the city. Initially, such walls were created to improve the lives of citizens.

One of the functions of these was soundproofing. At the same time, the residents did not like it because they thought it was useless. In summer, the walls help to increase the temperature inside the fence, sometimes it reaches 35 degrees. When it comes to noise reduction, sometimes metal walls are not a good solution. If there are train tracks nearby, then the noise of the trains is reflected from the walls, the sound starts to get stronger. The artist tried to convey the breath and spirit of Switzerland, culture thanks to this project. This wall construction to some extent showed the isolation of the country. Schools,  roads and other structures symbolize that very isolation.  He subtly showed it to the audience. Whether they liked it or not was irrelevant.

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