Ruth Larsson: 90-year-old woman who broke the world skydiving record.

Ruth Larsson started skydiving at 90 after learning about a woman named Katherine Hodges who set the record at 103 years and 129 days old. She was very fascinated by the idea of flying and decided to try her hand at this sport.

Before the jump, Ruth Larsson was wearing protective equipment that kept her safe during the flight and landing. The parachute she used to jump was blue and white and looked very attractive. During the jump, Ruth listened to the song “Try Your Wings” by Swedish composer Lasse Dahlqvist, which probably helped her relax and enjoy the flight.

After the successful landing, Ruth was surrounded by loved ones, including friends and family, and smiled for the camera as she carried a sign celebrating her world record. She said that everything went according to plan, and that she intended to celebrate this event with a cake when she returned to her home.

In addition to skydiving, Ruth enjoys spending time with her family of five children, 19 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. She also enjoys doing crossword puzzles and singing in the local choir. Ruth Larsson is a truly amazing woman who continues to lead an active lifestyle and never ceases to amaze with her achievements in old age.

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