The girl has not cut her hair for tens of years. Here’s what he looks like now

Long and beautiful hair has been the main strength and attraction of a woman since ancient times.

At all times, in all eras, in almost any nation, a woman has had long hair. The proportions of the figure changed,

the fashion for clothes changed, and times changed in the end,

but long hair has always remained a symbol of femininity, some kind of female charm.

In our time, a lot has changed, creative haircuts and coloring have appeared, but even in our world,

long well-groomed hair is still the same sign of femininity. Although girls with such hair are less and less.

One of them lives in Ukraine.

Oksana has been growing her hair since she was five years old.

She loves her hair very much and takes care of it with pleasure. The length of her hair reaches 150 centimeters.

Although there is an opinion that long hair is given by nature and genetics is of great importance,

Oksana believes that every girl can grow long hair. To do this, you need to eat right and constantly care for your hair.

The girl does not use synthetic products for care and hygiene. She advises to abandon the hair dryer and curling irons

and dry hair only in a natural way. In fact, women’s hair is not just an ornament.

They hide a special power and influence the energy of the fair sex. When choosing a hairstyle, many women rely on personal preferences and fashion trends,

but sometimes the wrong haircut and hair color change can negatively affect women’s lives.

Despite the fact that long hair makes women more attractive, many girls know  that such a hairstyle needs constant care.

That is why some women decided to protect themselves from unnecessary worries and preferred short hair.

However, as practice shows, it is easier with long hair than with various short haircuts that require constant styling in beauty salons.

Long well-groomed hair is beautiful in itself without any hairstyles. Another argument is that men are much more likely to pay attention

to women with long hair than to owners of men’s haircuts.

Many representatives of the stronger sex explain this by the fact that women with a short haircut seem to them more courageous and aggressive.

Also, long hair is an indicator of the health and beauty of a woman.

It is not surprising that the owners of long hair are much less likely to complain about health pro  blems, have a good complexion and are much more likely to be in a good mood.


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