This dance was specially staged for the guests. They danced really great and funny

Marriage is a very important event in people’s lives. It is remembered for a lifetime and always accompanies its impressions on couples for a long time. Each couple tries to present themselves at their wedding in their own way and impress the guests and attendees. They prepare for the wedding ceremony for a long time, choose the dress, choose the guests, make decorations both at home and in the restaurant and wait for that day with great enthusiasm.

People like to look dazzling on that day and attract a lot of attention. The bride and groom sometimes also take on the role of host. They lead and manage the ceremony throughout. They can also just take their place and wait for their dance or speech to be given and introduce themselves accordingly. Here is a couple who became the main characters of their marriage. They surprised the guests and the other participants with their surprise performance.

When their first wedding dance was announced, Mary and Jack proudly took the stage and began their dance in slow motion. It was not only a wedding dance, but also a performance that they had staged with great love and for quite a long time. There was constant applause and words of praise. The guests whispered in each other’s ears and expressed their opinions. In general, everyone was satisfied. The rhythm of the dance was constantly changing. Along with the change of the rhythm, the lighting of the hall also changed. Along with them, the guests also started to make movements and seemed to want to dance. During the dance, the bride on the stage also changed her clothes along with the movement. Suddenly her white dress changed to a completely different dress corresponding to the dance number. Everyone applauded in surprise. They had never seen such a performance, the bride had never seen such a performance. The audience clapped excitedly and enthusiastically and loudly pronounced the names of the bride and groom. Everyone was impressed and left the wedding hall remembering the dance of the bride and groom for a long time.


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