A 24-year-old boy moved a grandmother without a family and her cat into his house to take care of them.

Everything in human life is created for peaceful and full living, but the world lacks caring for each other. Our today’s hero, Chris, cares about people and is ready to help people at any moment, even if it means saving human lives. Chris Salvatore had just graduated from university and started working at a local hospital. That day, as usual, he was busy with her work and even thought that he would not be able to finish all the work. Several times Chris saw Norma, the old woman, through the kitchen window.

Chris decided to visit Norma. They met and became friends. 89-year-old Norma’s health was decreasing day by day. With no family and no monthly income, Norma could not pay for her expenses.With no family and no monthly income, Norma could not pay for her expenses. She also couldn’t pay the rent and would soon lose her house as well. Chris, being the kind hearted person , knew he had to take steps to help Norma and that’s when he had a great idea that paid off. He started a GoFundMe”Help Nrma pay for care and medicines” to implement the program. All people – friends, acquaintances and even strangers helped Norma to solve all issues.

Over $25,000 was raised. Chris was very happy he was able to help the old lady. After a while, the nurses informed Chris that they didn’t expect Norma to spend the holidays. Since Norma’s rented house was far enough away and a 24-hour caretaker too expensive, Chris decided that he should invite Norma and her beloved cat, Hermes, to live together in his house. He spared nothing to care for Norma. Chris had one wish: that the last months or years of Norma’s life be peaceful and filled with love. He fulfilled his wish realizing that he had done a great job by helping the other person.

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