Three girls who arrived to participate in the competition presented themselves very beautifully and gained a large audience

In recent years, the participation of children in shows and on television has increased  . They come to discover their abilities and skills. Now there are many popular shows and TV shows that provide opportunities for children to develop and deepen their skills. People with different abilities participate in those shows, who compete. Children’s participation in such competitions always makes the atmosphere brighter and warmer.Children are simple and pure creatures, and their shows are also sincere and direct. Within the framework of the well-known “Voice Children” program, many competitive shows are held in different countries, where the talented one is selected. Here are the three girls from the Netherlands, who participated in that program and had a very large number of followers. Chloe, Lilia and Britt presented a very good number, which impressed with its incomparable and unrepeatable type. They performed “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. At first, they sang together, then separately, then joined the 3 voices during the refrain. The girls performed the transition from one to the other very wonderfully. Their unison singing was very harmonious and had a wonderful sense of rhythm and tone.

The performance of this trio will be remembered for a long time in everyone’s memory. But besides the trio, there was also a duet, which was also impressive. The other participants were the Colombians Juanse and Sebastian Yatra. They sang “Que Lloro” by Sin Bandera. One of the boys was only eleven years old. Despite his age, he impressed with his skill and professionalism. The boy’s mentor and inspiration was his own teacher and vocal master, Sebastian Yatra with whom he performed. One of the contestants was the Indonesian sisters Chevira and Deviran, who impressed the judges with their unparalleled performance. They were very artistic and endowed with powerful voices. They performed the song “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel. Their song was very touching and impressive. Due to their back to back, they kept talking during the song. They also managed to attract the jury and impress them with a beautiful performance. But the jury was most impressed by the duet of German Alicia and Jasmin, who sang the song “Issues”. The voices of the girls were incredibly loud and attractive. Their performance was very beautiful and unmatched like the previous performances. In Russia, too, there were outstanding performers in the framework of the “Children’s Voice” show. The trio of Tyryutikov, Abramov and Jalagonia sang the trio, Hozier’s song “Take me to church”. The performance of the boys was sincere and attractive.


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