This region is the only area where we will not meet roofs without green houses

In the countries we know, we often see unusual houses or structures in general, which have a very unusual appearance and history. We have probably heard about Scandinavia a lot and we always associate it with an old fairy tale country. It seems like a country born from mysterious pages. They are misty and mysterious, and myths and legends permeate almost every tree and every blade of grass there. In the mist, large gray stones become extraordinary creatures, and the rustling of the wind seems to whisper incantations in a language long forgotten by humans. Houses, the roofs of which are covered with thick grass, look quite natural in northern countries, but why it grows on them, perhaps we will all be interested.

Since ancient times, grass roofs have appeared in Norway, which are a very common phenomenon for this country. They were so convenient that the building materials were always nearby, there was green everywhere, besides, the roofs did not need much attention. The green roofs served for a long time and helped to hide.  Since ancient times, the roof of houses in Scandinavia was covered with birch bark, which perfectly protected the apartment from moisture.

Its exterior was plastered over a wooden base, then covered with a large layer of turf to heat the house.  Over time, grass grew in the field. the roots strengthened the structure of the roof and made it stronger. Goats and geese took care of the appearance of the vegetation, picking the grass evenly. In such an unusual way, the Scandinavians fed domestic animals and got rid of unnecessary plants. Such roofs protect the apartment from overheating in the summer, and absorb water during the rain and maintain the microclimate. The only drawback of a grass roof is its weight, but its amazing appearance makes it almost invisible. Such options are perhaps excellent solutions for such countries, but quite strange for other countries.

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