The man decided to restore the years, which were destroyed in the 30s

Northwest Florida in Walton County is a 21,500-hectare Nokuse Private Nature Preserve, one of the largest in the United States. This is undoubtedly the merit of MS Davis (Marion Clifton Davis). It was this man who decided to do everything possible to restore natural resources. In the past, MC Davis was in a strong position. In 2000, the man reconsidered his outlook on life and drew attention to the ecological conditions in the region.

MC Davis invested $90 million in his idea. And that’s not the limit. The man has drawn up a plan to restore the unique landscape for 300 years. There are now 8 million plants in the reserve.

The idea was born in him 20 years ago. It was an ordinary rainy day when the man accidentally attended a nature lecture in his native land. The businessman’s outlook has changed. He was not afraid to put all his money into a conservation project.

Mrs Davis died aged 70. But his good initiative continues today. The project is run by the man’s family.

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