Luck Activation: How to use ordinary clothes to bring good luck into your life

How great it would be to become super lucky and have everything you need here and now, without making any effort. But, unfortunately, luck is not always on our side. Sometimes we lose our state of carelessness and lightness due to things and problems that distract us. In such cases, we need quick help in getting lucky. To activate the next ritual, you will need ordinary items such as jackets, trousers, jackets and skirts that have zippers and buttons. But you do not need to charge each item separately. To activate the ritual, you just need to say a magic phrase and something else …



Before you fasten the locks or buttons on your clothes, try to imagine yourself in the best light for a few seconds, as if you have no problems and you are calmly achieving your immediate goals. Try to feel lightness and joy from this state. Then, saying out loud or to yourself, say: “I fasten the buttons (zipper), I fasten my luck.” Over time, you can shorten this phrase to a simple “I fasten my luck.” But do not forget that the full effect of the ritual takes time, so repeat it as often as possible. Who knows, maybe your luck will be fastened on the first try.

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