The man found a tractor assembled in 1992 in the forest, which after washing and modifying it got a different look. It’s working again

Walking through the woods behind the barn, a man unexpectedly saw a very rare home-made tractor made in 1929. These were once made on the basis of passenger cars. Someone left the tractor to rust, but the man decided to put it in order. The idea initially seemed unrealistic because no one touched the car for 91 years. The doodlebug found by the man was assembled on the basis of a 1929 Ford Model A, similar to the one in the illustration below.

And it seems that in those days they tried to make cars as reliable as possible. After all, after replacing the starter, battery and candles, the old tractor drove out of the forest under its own power. Of course, the tractor was already delivered to the workshop on a loader. But by and large, the replacement of a significant part of the parts was not required and the main part of the work consisted in a neat wash:

And some minor cosmetic work. See how a tractor that has stood for 91 years leaves the forest: A find can bring a man good money. Doodlebugs are prized by collectors.


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