The girl went to the famous attraction with a box of gold and pulled out all the ingots from there in a minute

In theory, anyone can get a gold bar from the famous attraction. In practice, everything is arranged so that the owner of the car does not lose in any case. And it is unlikely that the organizer of the competition expected such a development of events: a fragile girl approached the attraction and pulled out all the ingots from it in a minute in front of the camera. Gold vending machines were originally installed in the UAE, then analogues spread to Bangkok and some Western cities for example, such attractions are also in Las Vegas.

The rules of the game seem simple. In a glass box are gold bars weighing 12.5 kilograms. In one of the walls there is a narrow hole, slightly larger than the diameter of the arm. The task is to lift the ingot with one hand and pull it out. It’s almost impossible to actually do this. The ingot is too heavy for one hand, it barely fits into the hole with the fingers. 

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Therefore, the owner literally grabbed his head when he saw how the fragile girl takes out the ingots one by one: According to the rules of the game, all the gold belongs to the winner. Good catch for 10 minutes of work.



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