A 15-year-old teenager proves to the jury that he really is a talent and has a great future ahead of him.

Television contests for many are their favorite programs, it is impressive to see that ordinary people like us keep a great talent inside that can amazed anyone. For this reason, contests are growing more and more because it is a wonderful way to discover new talents in music, dance, acting, clothing, survival skills, cooking, and countless other topics. But when someone delights us with his great voice, then we get goosebumps. One of the most followed contests are those produced by the famous director of Sony Music, Simon Cowell. Part of his world-renowned programs are The X Factor and Got Talent, the British version of this program collects millions of viewers around the world and he is part of the show’s jury.


The programmer, Britain’s Got Talent, has the mission of finding the best artist who is voted for by the judges and by the viewing public. The winner or winner gets to win large sums of money and the opportunity to perform on large stages in the United Kingdom. There are countless talented candidates nominated each year, but there is always one contestant who wows the audience and even the judges, as was the case with this 15-year-old named Sarah Ikumu. The young lady decided to audition for the eleventh season of the famous show. Ikumu sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, a well-known song that is part of the musical Dreamgirls, and made popular by singers Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé. It’s certainly a very complicated song and this girl did it amazingly and she seemed to sing it effortlessly. In fact, none of the judges could hide their amazement at Sarah’s excellent performance, both they and the audience gave her a long standing ovation for her magnificent performance. Even Simon Cowell himself was moved, and if you follow the show you will know that he is the hardest jury to surprise.



 “Thank you,” was all Sarah Ikumu could say before Simon Cowell pushed the gold button. Without mincing words, Cowell gave the young woman the opportunity to go directly to the final, everyone’s excitement was evident. In fact, the relatives ran out onto the stage to be able to hug the talented young woman. Later, the flattering messages did not wait and predict a good future for this rising music star.



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