The passengers of the plane sang the same song for the little boy.

Of course, it’s great to relax with your family, but first you need to endure many hours of travel. If you’re lucky, the baby will sleep on the plane, and the student will calmly watch on the phone. But with toddlers and preschoolers it’s a little more difficult, for them you will have to come up with special entertainment during the flight. You won’t be able to take all their favorite toys with you (and they won’t fit in your bag, and they can get lost), but you need to do something. A kid from 4 to 6 years old will surely get tired of running around the airport, a lot of people around, an unusual environment and strange noises on the plane. In order for the flight to go smoothly, you need to prepare.

Passengers sang 'Baby Shark' to calm crying child on 5-hour flight

No one likes when babies cry on an airplane, but everyone reacts to it differently. Someone scolds parents and asks them to calm their child; someone puts on headphones or sticks earplugs in their ears; An incredible incident occurred on the plane when the entire plane came to the aid of the parents of a toddler. Travel blogger Parikshit Balochi was on his next trip with his family, and his son burst into tears. The passengers decided to sing what everyone knows for sure. People sang, laughed, some made funny faces at the boy and clapped to the beat of the song. The blogger captured this moment on video and posted it on his TikTok with the caption: “Crying baby on a plane? No problem”. The video received seven million views, many likes and comments. Many parents were touched and wrote about their often difficult travel experiences with children. It is not known why the son of Parikshit Balochi cried. This does not always help calm the child, but the positive reaction of others is the best support for a parent who feels guilty in a similar situation.
The choice of the song was not accidental, as Baby shark is known all over the world with its ten billion views on Youtube. Every adult and child knows her.



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