Piano, beautiful nature, autumn and a beautiful song. This is another world.

We are surrounded by many natural sounds that we have stopped listening to. After all, the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves, the breath of the wind and the sound of the waves are so beautiful. These are all the sounds of nature that sound like music. In the history of culture and art, artists and writers have always been inspired by natural beauty. Very often, a person sought to express in art his sense of nature, his attitude towards it.

Music and nature are two harmonies that cannot exist separately from each other. One famous poet wrote that music is an art about nature. It fully reflects the natural beauty and hidden melody. And only musicians have a subtle talent to see and hear this beauty.

Joseph O’Brien
Nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and energy for musicians. They take natural motifs and turn them into songs and melodies. On the other hand, nature can act in music as a subject of representation, displaying its specific manifestations (birdsong, the sound of the sea, forest, thunder). .
Nature often acts as a stimulus for creativity.
Alumni of America’s Talent Show, singer Olivia Collingworth and pianist Joseph O’Brien decided to create a alliance of art and sing a composition that would be completely saturated with natural beauty. They chose the autumn forest for their music. In autumn, the forest is especially picturesque. Colorful leaves and trees create a special atmosphere. The piano was placed under a oak tree, so that the branches hung right on the pianist’s head. They sang the song “I see the light”. Olivia with red hair and a floor-length white dress looked like a real forest fairy. The sounds of the piano sounded magical and filled the forest with a special sacrament. They have a very beautiful performance. Young people wanted to show how harmonious nature and music are, and also to show how much beauty is around us. People in a hurry and the cycle of affairs have forgotten how to see the beauty around.


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