The wallet lost 40 years ago was found. What they found inside him surprised everyone

An interesting find was shared by a woman from Australia. Once, while walking with the children in the park, she found an old wallet.

He was completely shabby. The woman decided to open it. There were old bank cards, money, and an 18-year-old girl’s ID card inside.

It turns out that the wallet was lost forty years ago and now its owner is 58 years old.

Most of the contents of this wallet were completely intact, giving an idea of what life was like in the 1980s.

In addition to an identity card, the wallet contained a library card from the University of St. Lucia in Brisbane and a pass to the radio station.

Also there were an old key card and a vintage

Нашелся утерянный 40 лет назад кошелек

Commonwealth bank card with the old logo in the wallet. Perhaps the most surprising find is a 1980 girl’s ID card showing her at the age of 18.

According to this document, she was born or once lived in Brisbane. The woman decided to find this girl and contacted the police.

She suggested that maybe 40 years ago she was attacked and tried to rob.

В школе в Вирджинии нашли кошелек, потерянный 70 лет назад

Or maybe she left a statement about the loss of her wallet and they can find her in the archive. However, the search yielded no results.

Then the woman decided to find the owner of the wallet through social networks. She published a post in which she described in detail the contents of the wallet and wrote her contacts.

Нашелся утерянный 40 лет назад кошелек

She wanted to find the owner of the wallet and return her things. Her post was supported and published by many netizens, but no one has responded here yet.

Perhaps the mistress of the lost things is not active in the internet, or she has a secluded lifestyle. Nobody knows about her fate.

Мужчина нашел потерянный 25 лет назад кошелек с деньгами и вернул его хозяину: Вещи: Из жизни:

However, the woman still hopes that her search will yield results and the girl will be

pleased after so many years to pick up her things and plunge into the past because every thing from the past carries a lot of pleasant memories.

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