His wife finished the 14 hour shift by eating 1 sandwich. And then he posted…

A man on the net wrote a very touching post about his wife which did not leave anyone indifferent. The usual family lives in New York, they have a little child, his wife works as a nurse. How often people underestimate the work of others and do not understand the importance of a particular profession. It would seem what is the importance of a simple nurse. In fact, this is a huge hard and responsible work. Being a nurse is not only about giving injections and handing instruments to the doctor. First of all, it is the ability to show kindness and compassion.

The wife of the hero of this story works as a nurse in a department that treats people with serious illnesses who need special help. They are men and women, children and the elderly. A young woman works fourteen hours a day and is exh  austed. However, she does not show her appearance at home and tries to take care of her family. Her husband decided to show everyone what it means to be a nurse and posted a text about his wife online. He described every little thing. When she comes home tired, she still goes to the kitchen and cooks dinner.

His wife believes that a man should not mess around in the kitchen. Then she plays with the child, although she is very tired and wants to sleep, but she continues to smile. Then she sits down at the table and eats a sandwich, takes a shower and goes to bed. After all, she has to get up early to pack her things, get dressed and do her makeup. A man considers his wife a real heroine.

Despite everything, she goes to work with a smile, because the mood and health of those being treated depend on her mood. The man writes that he is madly in love with his wife and considers her the kindest and most cordial person who is dedicated to her work. Surely his wife will be very pleased to read these lines dedicated to her. When there is a loving and supportive person next to you, you can go through any life difficulties. Every profession is very important. The main thing is that a person be a professional dedicated to his work.

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