Discover the new strawberry flavored with pineapple

In nature, there is an endless number of flowers and plants, fruits, vegetables. However, a human is still in constant search for the creation of new species and varieties. The development of science and breeding methods has accelerated the process of new discoveries. The result of such research and experimentation is the white pineberry.

Клубника Ананасовая Ягода (Pineapple Berry)

White berries are a hybrid obtained by crossing Chilean and Virginian strawberries. Such a plant grows on different continents, so over time, strawberries appeared with an unusual color. In the process of evolution of such a berry, the gene responsible for the red pigment was lost.

With this, the ability of the berries to cause allergies in people whose bodies cannot tolerate this pigment has disappeared. The taste of white strawberries is very unusual – with notes of pineapple, strawberries, mulberries and wild honey. The berries themselves are very sweet, sometimes sour. In cultivation, they are unpretentious and grow in small bushes, without taking up much space on the site. They are not stored for long, so they do not go on sale. White-fruited garden strawberries practically do not differ from ordinary ones, so you can grow it both in the garden and in the greenhouse. Varieties with small berries can also be grown in containers.

Planting is not possible in a sunny area, do not require abundant watering. If there is an excess of water, the berries will become watery, but retain their sweet rich taste. The berries of the white-fruited strawberry are smaller than those of its scarlet sister, however, there is a White Swede cultivar, which is not inferior in size to the most common varieties of garden strawberries, and on good and nutritious soil, the berries are even larger than many varieties of standard-colored strawberries.


The green berries of white-fruited strawberries have a greenish tint until full maturity, and here it does not differ at all from traditional garden strawberries. But when the berry ripens, it acquires a pinkish or yellowish tint, and the consistency of the berry naturally changes for the better.

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