Woman finds lost wedding ring on carrot 13 years later

What unexpected things we sometimes find where we did not expect at all. A very common find is money in a winter jacket or jewelry in a washing machine. Even if it’s a trifle, it’s very nice when the lost thing is found. In Canada a woman found an unusual thing. The family was vacationing at the cottage. Weeding the garden, she found a carrot with a ring. Fifteen years ago, the woman also weeding her garden lost her wedding ring. She was very upset. The ring was very dear to her, it was a gift from her husband.

Many years ago, when the couple first got married, they did not live very richly. However, her husband somehow managed to save money and buy for his wife a ring as a gift. When the ring was lost, the woman grieved very much. She decided not to tell to her husband about this, so as not to offend him. Having collected her savings, she ordered exactly the same ring and put it on her finger. The man didn’t notice. So fifteen years passed. The family again gathered at the cottage

The spouses had a small garden where vegetables and fruit trees grew. Every year she planted carrots and cabbages, they grew best of all. The woman weeded the weed beds and decided to pick a couple of carrots for salad. And what was her surprise when one of them was with her wedding ring, which she lost fifteen years ago. The woman decided that this was a sign of fate, that their union was indestructible. How nice it is when spouses live their whole live in respect and mutual understanding.

And even living to old age, they continue to love each other as in young times. The ring was a symbol of their love, protecting their family. This day was the second significant day for them, after the day of their wedding. The ring symbolized their family happiness, which did not fade for many years.

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