Thomas Dumbo makes beautiful wooden sculptures that he hides in the forest. But why does he need it?

Magical creatures have settled in the Belgian forest.

A talented young man Thomas Dumbo decided to make wooden fairy-tale creatures in the forest.

He created a project called “Seven trolls and a magic tower”.

The young man from childhood was very fond of local folklore and legends. In his project to create fairy forest trolls he used descriptions from local fairy tales.

It took him and his friends several months to create a fairy tale in the forest.

Thomas thinks that the modern world has moved away from nature. People are too attached to technologies and gadgets.

But it is so important to live in harmony with nature. With his project he wants to show how amazing the world is outside our apartments and noisy cities.

How much beauty we can see in the forests and mountains, how much inspiration we can find there which is not on the Internet and television.

The young man plans to create several more projects in the future, the subject of which has not yet been disclosed.

Thomas has created real magic.

The young men resemble giant trolls from fairy tales and legends. They are in different parts of the forest in different poses.

One sits on a giant chair and dangles his leg, the other lies on the grass and looks up at the sky.

As a material Thomas used unnecessary old shelves and boards, as well as dry branches from the forest.

The height of the trolls reaches up to eighteen meters. From the boards he made the body of sculptures and on the head he depicted hair with dry branches.

The project became known around. Many come to take a walk in the forest and look at the fabulous trolls.

Thomas hopes that he somehow managed to distract people from the virtual world. Children especially like to walk around forest men.

The forest seemed to come to life and turned into a magical land.

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