The couple built their dream house from scraps and it looks like something out of this world

A couple from Spain surprised the local authorities and the whole area with their extraordinary idea to build a house.

You might think what is the strange that a couple wants to build a house? However, the idea is to build a house out of garbage from landfills.

A young married couple recently moved to Spain and bought a house there.

However, they soon got bored with the design of a boring house and decided to do something unusual without spending a lot of money.

Initially, they bought a small plot of land and began to think about the project.

It turned out not so easy to build a house with their own hands, because they did not even have a special education.

The couple decided to read literature about the design and architecture of houses from improvised materials.

So they came up with the idea to construct a house from unnecessary trash and garbage.

After all, in this way they will save on materials, as well as clear the district of garbage.

First, it was necessary to coordinate everything with the local authorities.

Having received consent, the young began construction. The base of the house was made from old tires filled with earth.

Empty cans of carbonated drinks were used for the walls, laying the earth mixture between them.

The roof was made domed from old boards and sheathed with cork.

They collected most of the materials from landfills, and borrowed some from friends.

They had to buy only doorknobs and locks. They spent eight years building the house, and according to the couple,

it will take the same amount to complete it all.

The house turned out to be large almost 80 square meters.

There were questions about heating, but the house turned out to be very warm even in winter,

since there was a window in the middle of the dome, where the sun’s rays always fell.

The construction took a lot of effort and time, but the young couple did not stop, as it was their dream home.

The house they made with their own hands.

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