Street Artist Makes Walls Transparent Using Only Paint

Wall art, posters, murals, tags, pavement drawings and even sculptures – all this is art of street, the art of big towns.

From old rock paintings of our ancestors to a wall figures of ancient Greece and Rome and to our days,

inscriptions and drawings on the walls of cities and villages accompany human civilization.

The opinion of people about painting on the walls is ambiguous. Many consider graffiti to be vandalism, but still the majority see art in it.

After all, the drawings on the walls create a special mood and atmosphere. The city is changing. Graffiti is painted not only in the city,

but also in the subway, decorate curbs and sidewalks. There is still no exact information on where the culture of painting on walls originated.

According to one version, graffiti began to be painted in the United States as early as the distant 70s of the 19th century.

However, there is plenty of evidence that wall paintings were made much earlier in China and India.

And if we go even further, the most ancient graffiti were found in Egypt, where they decorated not only the walls from the outside, but also from the inside.

Today, street artists are experiencing a new era. Trying new styles and techniques.

The Portuguese street artist is a real miracle. His street paintings on the walls can be called masterpieces.

He paints in such a way that visually makes the wall transparent. Nobody has seen this yet. You look into his paintings like into a mirror.

The young man is very talented, He began to draw when he was fourteen years old.

He studied all artistic techniques from watercolor to tattoos. The guy prefers to draw on the city walls, because, according to him,

he can give free rein to his imagination and experiment. He also likes the city atmosphere. For his extraordinary technique the artist got many awards.

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