Romantic chalet in the Alps, surprising with respect for the environment and modern design

In the Italian Alps there is the delightful resort of La Villa which is famous for its ski slopes and cable cars. Here is the largest ski area in the world which will include a whole network of hotels, ski slopes and almost 500 lifts. Recently more and more people prefer to relax not on the sea, but in the mountains. The Alps have become a very popular resort. Therefor the architect Karl Kastlunger decided to build a kind of hotel in the form of a chalet in the mountains. Chalet has a very unusual design.

As planned, the building was supposed to fit into the mountainous terrain and not stand out. And so it is ready. The chalet is a two-story house with a rounded design. On the one hand, it completely merges with the hill so that it turns out as if on one side it goes underground. On the first floor there are a bedroom, a bathroom and a wardrobe. And on the second a small cookery and sitting room there are. The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances, including a blender and even a coffee machine. The sitting room is very beautifully furnished. Huge panoramic glasses overlooking the mountains and the forest were made instead of walls.

Soft sofas and plush armchairs by the fireplace create a special coziness and mood. You want to endlessly look at the bewitching mauntains and drink a cup of coffee. The architect has thought of every detail. For the construction of a mini hotel, he used only natural materials, so that vacationers could feel as much as possible in nature.

The interior decoration was also made of wood or rather spruce, so inside the chalet it smells like pine needles, like in a forest. The roof is made sloping in the form of a semicircle, because of which it is created on the attic floor where the living room creates a more comfortable atmosphere.

Chalet is like a part of nature, it is made so naturally. The architect arranged the windows in such a way that at any time of the day the sun’s rays entered the house, which additionally warmed it.


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