American woman dropped her ring in the sink – and after 47 years it was found in the Finnish forest

An incredible story happened to a resident of one of the cities in the States.

A woman lost her ring in college and found in Finland forty years later.

The story began back in 1973, when a young girl was in high school and fell in love with a young man from a parallel group.

They started dating and after high school they got married.

At graduation, a young man gave his girlfriend a ring. Unfortunately, she accidentally dropped the ring into the sink.

The girl could not be consoled for a long time, because it was a ring for her from a loved one.

Time passed, the young people got married, and the woman slowly forgot about the ring.

Forty years later, on the other side of the earth in Finland, there lived a man who was very fond of traveling and looking for various antique items.

He had all the necessary tools for this purpose. Once he went to the forest with a metal detector.

Suddenly, the device flashed. Digging a small hole a man found a ring. A strange find he brought home for examination.

It turned out to be a silver ring, but not of ancient times, as he expected. There were the initials on the reverse side of the ring and the date of issue.

After searching the Internet, the man found which college the initials belong to. He took contacts and contacted the college administration.

They agreed to help and looking through the archives, they found the name of the mistress of the ring.

The Finnish was not too lazy and looked up the address of the woman in the directory and sent the ring to her by mail.

Meanwhile, a woman in the US unexpectedly receives a package and a letter from Finland.

She was very surprised, because she has no relatives or acquaintances in this country.

Then, opening the package and seeing the ring, she was speechless.

It’s unbelievable, if the ring went missing forty years ago, how could it end up in Finland. For her the ring was very important as a memory.

Seeing it again, her memories swept her away. The woman is very grateful that the ring was not be lost and returned to her.

The world is not without good people.

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