12-year-old boy started mowing lawns to save for college

Children love to spend all their free time playing games and watching cartoons. Basically, they do not think about their future because they are sure that their parents will do everything for them. But this is not about the twelve-year-old teenager Jay. The boy really wanted to ease the work of his parents and raise money for college and decided to find a job during the summer holidays. His cousin had a lawn mower.

When the boy visited him, he often saw his brother mow the grass and sometimes helped himself. He sent out advertisements all over the city where he wrote that he was looking for a job as a lawn mower. The boy was noticed by the owner of a private house with a large yard, who was looking for a man who cuts the lawn. At first he was surprised that Jay was only twelve years old but nevertheless decided to meet the guy and find out why he decided to work instead of relaxing on vacation. The owner of the house was a man with a very kind soul. Upon learning that the boy wanted to go to college he immediately hired him. In addition, he gave him a new mower and also allowed him to rest when he got tired. So Jay worked hard for the rest of the summer. He became very friendly with the owner of the house.

They agreed that Jay would work during the lessons in the evening and on weekends. From an early age a boy has an increased sense of responsibility. He is already at such a young age thinking about taking care of his future. Jay’s parents can be proud of their son, they have an helper. There are different opinions about child labor. On the one hand, children should have a childhood, because they always will have time to work in the future. On the other hand, work increases the sense of responsibility and develops discipline in the child. It’s just that everything should be within reasonable limits, the parents can’t allow or force children to work according to an adult schedule. After all, they are still just children.

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