The couple didn’t have enough money for an apartment and decided to live in a yurt. Transform a tent into a dream house in 6 months

A young couple traveled to different cities and even villagies in search of housing.

But they could not find something at an affordable price.

The couple studied to be architects, and worked part-time after their studies.

There was not much money, but they really wanted to have their own, at least tiny housing.

Then they came up with the fantastic idea of living in a yurt.

Yurts are still widely used among nomadic peoples. It is a round tent with a stove in the middle.

Yurts consist of an expanding wooden round frame covered with felt.

In Mongolia, yurts are found even in the capital, only in a more modern form.

Yurts can also be used as cafes (especially those specializing in traditional cuisine),

museums (especially those related to national culture) and souvenir shops.

The young people decided to turn the yurt into a high-tech structure.

It was not very difficult, because they were both future architects.

First of all, they purchased a yurt and installed it in the right place on the foundation.

The foundation was made high, and the yurt was on a hill.

This was done so that during the rains the water was not poured inside.

Then the main work inside began.

Electrical wiring was carried out and a bathroom was installed. In the middle, where there is usually a stove in yurts, they set up a kitchen.

The rest of the space in a circle was zoned with screens and furniture.

As a result, they got a small apartment with a living room and a kitchen.

Even a workplace was allocated. But the most interesting solution was to make a suspended bedroom under the ceiling.

Overhanging houseplants are placed around the large bed. Yurt Is turned out fabulously beautiful.

No one could indifferently pass by the yurt.

All passers-by stopped and looked at the strange structure in the middle of the city.

And when friends saw how the yurt looks from the inside, their surprise knew no bounds.

Indeed, in the beginning, everyone laughed at the idea of a young couple.

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