Beach in Mexico begins to glow for the first time in 60 years

More recently, the people of Acapulco have witnessed a breathtaking sight that has not been seen for a very long time. The coast of Puerto Marques Beach pleases the audience every evening with an incredible light show.

The coastal waves have been given a neon blue glow and it’s incredibly beautiful. The most surprising thing is that this has not been observed here for the last 60 years. The secret of such beauty lies in the accumulation of bioluminescent plankton, which, as a result of a biochemical reaction, acquires a blue glow.

Marine biologist Ayala Duval explains that such a phenomenon has been seen before. The fact is that due to the large number of tourists and vacationers on the beach almost around the clock, luminescent plankton did not have time to accumulate in coastal waters. This amazing phenomenon seems to take you to some kind of fairy tale. Incredible beauty!

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