The dog unexpectedly thanked the savior

This story took place in the summer. The woman went about her business and found an abandoned building near the house, near which several dogs were tied at once. Their ropes were short and there were empty bowls nearby. It was obvious that the animals were hungry and had been living without water for several days.

Puppy Says "Thank You" Minutes After Being Rescued - Videos - The Dodo

The woman realized that they had to be rescued urgently, otherwise the animals would soon die of heat and hunger. Without thinking twice, the lady untied the ropes, freed the animals and put them in her car. And then something unexpected happened. One of the dogs, who was sitting in the girl’s arms, suddenly hugged her with his paws in gratitude. The new mommy dog burst into tears. Apparently, not only did the animal not get angry with people for what they did to him, but he also did not lose faith in humans.


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