The owner adopted a friend for a blind dog from a shelter – and unexpectedly reunited the family

An amazing story happened in the US state of Tennessee, the owners were looking for a partner dog for their blind dog and accidentally adopted his sister.

A couple from Red Bank, bought a new house a year ago. Passionate animal lover, Jane Salazar, for a long time could not get a pet. Their previous conditions did not allow keeping an animal. Now, she, along with her husband, found a cute puppy in the shelter, named Diego.

The dog was a mestizo, but the curious mistress decided to find out who the ancestors of her pet were. The results of the DNA test revealed that the puppy belongs to the Pit Bull and Australian Cattle Dog breeds. However, an unpleasant surprise was that the dog had a visual impairment. After an ophthalmological examination, the veterinarian announced a disappointing diagnosis. Already at such a tender age, the spouses’ pet loses sight, he was diagnosed with premature retinal atrophy. According to experts, the disease progresses rapidly and Diego may soon completely lose the ability to see. Doctors recommended that the frustrated owners get another dog that can help their pet navigate in space. The owners immediately started looking for a companion for Diego. Jane’s choice fell on a dog remarkably similar to her pet. So a cheerful and inquisitive Dixie appeared in the house. She quickly found an approach to the more reserved and modest Diego. The dogs are inseparable and have a great time together. By the way, their similarity again prompted Jane to turn to DNA testing. What was her surprise when it turned out that the pets were relatives by blood! They were born to the same parents, but in different litters. So, the vet’s advice helped Diego meet his sister and best friend. The dog, unfortunately, continues to lose his sight, but now a reliable assistant is next to him. Dixie touchingly takes care of her brother and the owners are much calmer to see that their Diego is in reliable paws.

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