How a little boy and a dog that lost trust in people became friends

A dog is the best pet for a child. E. Spence from the USA made sure of this. With her husband, she repeatedly took animals from shelters. One day they adopted a dog named Nora.

Once upon a time, the animal endured a lot of things from the previous owners. Those mocked the dog, which is why she began to be afraid of every two-legged.

But then the couple had a son named Archie, their 3rd child. At the same time, Nora was afraid of older children – son Wellington and daughter Loretta. Meeting Archie for the first time, the dog changed.

After Elizabeth returned from the maternity hospital, she allowed Nora to smell Archie. Then the dog constantly followed, first for Elizabeth herself, who carried her son, and then, when he grew up and began to walk, for him. Archie and Nora are now inseparable friends.

The dog became keenly interested in the outside world. She has changed. Having previously been withdrawn and frightened, the dog has become good-natured and playful. From now on, she is not afraid of people (at least those of them who are kind to her). Nora and Archie play, sleep, walk and eat together.

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