7-year-old girl – the owner of unrealistically thick hair

Many girls and women dream of achieving chic thick hair, spending a lot of money on it. They visit beauty salons and various specialists, if only their hair became at least a little thicker.

But the girl Mia Aflafo never thought about it. From birth, she has a magnificent thick hair, looking at which one can not believe that she is real. But it’s real natural hair, no photoshop!

Once the girl’s mother took her to the hairdresser.

Having cut Mia’s hair, he posted her photo on his page on the social network.

The Internet exploded with delight, and the baby became a celebrity all over the world. The hairdresser Sagi Dahari liked to conjure the girl’s hair so much that he became her personal master.

Today, Mia Aflafo has her own Instagram, where she already has more than 150 thousand subscribers. Although many still doubt that her hair is real.

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