The man always gave the homeless a change that was lying around in his pocket. One day he sees him in a restaurant, in a suit

The 16-year-old young man did an internship during the summer at a firm in downtown New York. Every day he walked through the crowd of people to dine at an inexpensive restaurant opposite the street vendors. This area was famous for sheltering thousands of homeless people on its streets. Among them was Ivan, whom the young man for some reason immediately noticed. The guy paid in cash, buying a burrito or a hot dog – so he always had change in his pocket, which he did not hesitate to give Ivan. Every day. Not that the young man was beyond kind. It was just that he did not feel sorry, and Ivan took the money with gratitude.

Once he did not have time to go to the bank to withdraw cash, and the restaurant did not accept cards. The young man stood disappointed: it seems that someone will be left without lunch today. But then the seller said to him: “Listen, I saw what you do every day for Ivan. I’ll just treat you, you deserve it.” Five years later, this young man returned to the city where he started his career. He decided to dine at the same diner he frequented in his younger years. Suddenly a voice behind him interrupted him from the meal. “Excuse me, do you remember me?” a neatly dressed man in a business suit asked.

The guy looked him up and down, when he suddenly exclaimed: “Ivan! Is it really you?” He learned that in five years, a homeless man managed to get a job that allowed him to receive treatment from a doctor, improving his mental health. Ivan sincerely thanked the guy, saying that he always inspired him with hope for a better future. Even though Ivan never knew the guy’s name, it wasn’t that important. Even that little thing is enough to restore a person’s faith in life.

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