Working for years in a rich family, this girl discovers many of their secrets and lifestyle

Rich people occasionally overlook the curiosity of the workers they employ. Cleaners and gardeners go unnoticed, but they see everything. Stephanie Land demonstrated this firsthand by spending years working with wealthy families before penning a comprehensive book in which she described their peculiarities.

Nearly by chance, Stephanie found work because she desperately needed cash and was unable to fill the openings. The industrious worker started to be suggested to more and more affluent people over time. Stephanie eventually began cleaning millionaires’ homes.

The girl kept a thorough journal of everything she observed because she had always wanted to be a writer. Particularly amazed the wives of wealthy people: sometimes there were not very honest relationships hidden beneath the façade of a respectable life. His love of cigarettes and booze, both of which were kept in the garage, was therefore carefully covered by the hostesses.

On the surface, the other spouse appeared to be content. Stephanie learns that the millionaire and his wife have long since outfitted apartments at various parts of the estate during the second week of her employment there. There were sometimes visitors staying in these rooms. The majority of Stephanie’s clients were not friendly. The wealthy purposefully disregarded the cleaner while boasting about their ancestry. The young woman had already decided at this point that she wanted to be a writer, so she swiftly sent the manuscript to the publisher and got a favourable answer. Stephanie’s memoir states that they subsequently shot a complete series. She is no longer in need of additional work. For the book and the series, she has enough money.

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