The well-known band gave a beautiful song performance and dedicated it to the bride and groom.

In Valle de Bravo, Maité Perroni married Andrés Tovar for a second time. The majority of the former RBD members were the partygoers who stood out the most. The actress Maité Perroni, 39, celebrated her second wedding on October 9. An unusual feature of the civil ceremony was the presence of former RBD members. At the wedding of Maité Perroni and the producer Andrés Tovar, the only guests who could attend were Anah, Christopher Uckermann, and Christian Chávez. Maité Perroni, like her former comrades, became well-known as a result of the ensemble and the book that was based on it. Her reunion during her wedding hence tremendously delighted her admirers. Despite everything, the boys continued to have a good time and even demonstrated their passion for the group’s classic songs, which continue to haunt them to this day. Videos of the artist Anah performing “Sálvame” and dancing uproariously to the beat of “Rebelde” have started to go viral.

On social media, RBD fans demonstrated that there was a scene at Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar’s wedding when the band’s setlist was posted. Anah instantly stops for Christian Chávez and pulls him, saying, “Talk to Chris,” as she appears astonished by the word “Rebelde” being used. This is how the three RBD members came together in the middle of the song to sing the group’s signature song with Maite Perroni. As a result of being moved, Anah herself sang “Sálvame” for the entire party. Andrés Tovar observed his wife taking part in one of the most fruitful initiatives that fostered lasting connections during the RBD period.

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