“Santa Claus” is found by the girl in the shop. They engage in a fascinating chat.

It’s likely that many kids’ dreams include meeting the actual Santa Claus. While looking for Christmas presents, little Sophie spotted Santa and approached the bearded guy to introduce herself. While Sophie Jo Riley, age 3, and her family were out shopping, a man with a large belly, a red blouse, and a thick gray beard suddenly caught their attention. Sophie, according to her older sister, had been following the man she believed to be Santa Claus for some time before yelling, “Hush! Santa Claus is here! Sophie’s father encouraged his daughter to speak with Roger Larck, who she mistakenly believed to be Santa Claus. Doyouremeber.com claims that Roger played along and led the girl to believe that he was actually Santa Claus by getting down on his knees and engaging her in conversation. Roger was severely instructed to take just one cake and divide it with his reindeer when Sophie informed him that the family had created miniature Christmas cakes that she would set out for him if he came to visit.

Sophie’s older sister captured everything on camera, and she later shared the video on Facebook. More than a million people have watched it there, and many people have commented on how sweet it is to witness the older man take the time to speak to the 3-year-old. The man who appears to be Santa Claus declares that he is pleased to have contributed to the young girl’s beautiful moment. Roger told WSAZ, “I’m delighted I could contribute to something that people could appreciate. ” An interview with the two new pals is seen here. Wonderful story!


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