A little alpaca ran to hug his mother because he missed her.

Chris Hughes, along with his wife Maria, took care of two dozen dogs. Of course, this is a rather difficult task, but the spouses are doing great. They have created a home for the elderly and currently have twenty-one dogs under their care. Among them are dogs of various breeds, characters and behavior. For all their dissimilarity, animals live quite peacefully under one roof.

Baby Alpaca Couldn't Be More Excited To See Its Mother, Running Over And Embracing Her Immediately

The Hughes not only feed and take care of the dogs, but also arrange entertainment for them. This winter was quite snowy, and Chris decided to clear the area for the dogs to walk.The dogs were delighted with the new entertainment. They ran one after another through the labyrinth and broke through their own moves. A video of Hughes family members having fun in the yard went viral and went viral.


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