A cat that walks on its hind legs like a human conquers the Net.

Rex the cat has no front legs and only uses its back legs to move. while maintaining a human appearance. But Rex is loved by the proprietors of the large cottage where they both reside. However, as well as their cat.

He gets along well with the family’s second cat and is affable and upbeat. It frequently turns into the star of online advertising. Rex’s followers ask to cover the floor with carpets in the comments because they believe it will make it simpler for him to stand on his hind legs.

But nothing took place! The slick floor appeals to Rex. Additionally, if he started marking, it would be quite challenging to get the lingering cat odor out of the carpeting. The cat’s scratches are, however, overlooked by the owners.

For his charm, love, and amusing antics—things that even fit, four-legged cats don’t usually possess. Rex is so treated by the owners like a true fashion model.

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