The dog gave away its kennel for the giving birth cat, and she slept on the ground

It is believed that a dog and a cat cannot get along normally, but often life proves that this is not so. The woman lived with the dog Zeus and the cat Fluffy. The dog often tried to play with the cat, but she did not pay attention to him and bypassed him. Sometimes the cat climbed into the dog house when the owner was not there. In order to somehow warm herself, she came to the doghouse and after a while she burrowed right there. So the light appeared three pretty kittens.

Zeus at this time stepped aside and did not even try to climb into the booth so as not to disturb mom and kids.

Собака не заходит в будку – что делать и как приучить

He spent the whole night outdoors, and the cat and kittens in the booth. The next morning Fluffy moved the kittens to another place. But since then, she began to relate to Zeus in a completely different way. She is no longer afraid of the dog and often gratefully rubs against his shaggy side, showing her love and respect.

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